So here is the first posting to the Monstrochika blog! I hope to keep this updated for all the lovely people visiting!

I’ve been busy working with my artist partner in crime, Mr. George Berlin, on the upcoming Monstrochika website! Thanks George!

Wow, its been about oh 4 years since I started my creative adventures with Monstrochika and her fantastical world of monstros and flytraps.

Many thanks to my mom. For teaching me how to use a sewing machine and passing on your crafty and creative ways to this weirdo artist kid of yours.

To my awesome husband who I also can’t thank enough. All your help with setting up art shows , carrying my junk and all the sweet things you do for me.

Last but not least YOU! For visiting and supporting this artist who will continue to send cute girls and monstro sidekicks your way. So stay tuned! Grrrrrrowl…

Peace and love, Monstrochika