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Group show at New Wave thru 1-31-2010

Mondays at New Wave now showing through Jan 31st at New Wave Cafe, 2557 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago…

From Left to right:
Deva Suckerman, Naomi Martinez, Vanessa Shinmoto, Brandon Garrison, Molly Dolkart, Mindy Fisher, Calvin Naylor, Eric Barthalomew and Kelly Pelka

2009 revisited

This past summer I was asked to design a rain barrel for Right Brain Studio in Oak Park. Kelly Pelka is a friend, artist and owner of this children’s art studio. Once I designed the barrel a group of her students joined me in painting it. Kelly will auction the rain barrel to fund an art class at her studio for kids who wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to or be able to afford such wonderful art classes and workshops. Thanks Right Brain & kids great job!

So looks like I’ve decided to make this the entry that highlights 2009. This year Monstrochika….

Joined LVAF in the Mexican Independence parade in Little Village…

Road tripped and painted piece below at B-Girl Be, Minneapolis, MN

Saw the whimsical, classic, folk and comtemporary art of San Antonio Museum of Art…and caught the solo exhibit of John Hernandez

Entered this piece in the Younity Arts FRESHER art show & book release in New York

Visited Memphis and saw some awesome poster art and was amazed to learn it is home to the beautiful Belz Collection of Chinese Art (hidden in a basement!) If you are an artist visiting Memphis I highly recommend it…

Painted and sold piece below at Annual Hip Hop Festival Fundraiser for Pros Arts Studio…

Group show at Lower Level for Annual Open Studios in Pilsen…

Alex, Rick, Naomi, Adi, Lizbeth


I’m getting my pieces together for the opening at New Wave Cafe in Logan Square. We have a drawing crew that was meeting there monthly then semi-monthly and then at each others homes and then well some got busy and some kept it going and well you get what I’m sayin…. 🙂

Welp a buddy in the crew, Vanessa Shinmoto, had the fab idea to ask the owners if we could have a group show of the doodles and other work that came from our meetings at the cafe. This Monday is the opening reception for the show…

I’ve also been meaning to get some highlight pics for 2009 in here but unfortunately haven’t had the time. I hope to do this real soon.

Here is a pic of some familia that got married in this New Year. I wish the best to them in their journey in life together…

Happy New Year everyone!

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