Chika A Day: DAY 14

One of the things that brings me much joy during my day. Is the walk to the Lakefront during my lunch hour. The sunshine, the air, the trees, the squirrels 🙂 It takes me away and helps me clear my mind…

Chika A Day: DAY 13

Lucky 13. Here is a little nerdy girl scout trying to contact outer space through AM radio waves.

True story. When I was little I used to do this 🙂 Was a girl scout too.

Wow. Scouts honor – I did not plan this. lol.

Pen on scrap cardboard.

Chika A Day: DAY 9

Wow! 9 days already! Yay!

Its been a great excercise but also slowly my sketches are turning into little works. I’m adding color and completing them which I never used to do! Of course now that I’m sharing them they refuse to stay a simple little sketch 🙂

A bonus today!

I’ve been making sample plushies for my Plush Art workshop during the Little Village Art Fest next Sunday at Noon. Details to come very very soon!

A felt plushie of my dog Luke!

Say hi Luke!

Chika A Day: DAY 6

I wish I could have pink green and yellow hair. But my tresses are not thick enough to hold any awesome colors.

Today’s doodle….

Something has happened and it put me in a bad mood this morning. I hate when that happens…grrrr.

Chika A Day: DAY 5

There is a whole world of dog people out there. In my neck of the woods some are friendly, some shy, some snooty. But the dogs always rule.

Today’s doodle…

Note: You can click on to see a larger view.

Good day my friends!