September 2010 - Monstrochika | Art by Naomi Martinez

Chika A Day: DAY 13

Lucky 13. Here is a little nerdy girl scout trying to contact outer space through AM radio waves. True story. When I was little I used to do this 🙂 Was a girl scout too. Wow. Scouts honor – I did not plan this. lol. Pen on scrap cardboard.

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Chika A Day: DAY 10

I finished this one off with some collage. In the background is a page found in a newspaper. I have no idea what happened in the skirt area there. This one will remain a sketch. I’m tired but I’m off to see about our Lil’ boat. Poor Lil’ boat. Have a sweet day 🙂

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Chika A Day: DAY 9

Wow! 9 days already! Yay! Its been a great excercise but also slowly my sketches are turning into little works. I’m adding color and completing them which I never used to do! Of course now that I’m sharing them they refuse to stay a simple little sketch 🙂 A bonus today! I’ve been making sample plushies for my […]

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