Chicago Zine Fest

Last Saturday was a rainy windy day but I made sure to get to the Chicago Zine Fest taking place at Columbia College. It was a 2 day event with readings, art show and film fest at different venues the night before and a Zine exhibition on Saturday. I’m more a comics reader but there are many zines that include artwork along with writings and I appreciate anything handmade. When I got there I was surprised to see so many comics and other artwork for sale. I saw small and large prints, notecards, stickers etc. One artist modge podged original cat art into the inside of jar caps and attached magnets on the back. Unfortunately my budget did not allow for this awesome purchase.

Below is a pic of what I was able to buy. Papercutter (issue one) features several comic artists from different U.S. cities in one comic. A diary in comic book style by Gabrielle Bell called L.A. Diary. A signed copy of Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream by one of my favorite Chicago comic artists Laura Park. She was also creating original drawings on matchbooks which I also picked up, so amazing! Also shown is a mini zine by my friend Eric Bartholomew and his Junk Drawer series. A 25 cent mini comic about Chicago pigeons by Small Science Collective. And finally a “celebration garland” which is hanging in my work area by canadian artist Sandi Falconer of DEADWEIGHT. This gal was one of my favorite print artists. Her color schemes and paper crafts were absolutely fab.

There were also so many other Chicago comic artists I admire present. I wish I had the courage to snap a pic with Laura Park in that minute that I was talking to her she really is such a friendly and smiley person. Oh well next time!

My finds…

Original matchbook art by Laura Park

neat celebration garland by

Quimby’s Bookstore being interviewed