Muñecas de Luz (Dolls of Light) for the New Year

In my gallery you’ll see I’ve tried my hand at cloth dolls before. This time I worked with two new designs. I worked in the various hand craft I enjoy for these new dolls which I am calling Muñecas de Luz (Dolls of Light). I must share the interesting events taking place as I was creating them. In the month of November and earlier in December I was interviewed by two female writers/artists working on two different projects. The first interview for a project about Chicago artists’ migrant stories took place as I was starting the dolls. The story of my Chicago roots tightly intertwined with my father’s, my mother’s, my grandparents’ stories. Not only a cultural history but also one of traumas carried and passed on through the generations. I hadn’t done an interview quite like this before. It helped me see what my intentions really are with my art and what I was trying to express with these dolls waiting for me at my studio. It was deep. That evening with my heart still swimming in those stories, I kept listening and the messages these dolls should carry came to me. I also began crocheting a pair of butterfly wings. The second interview came a couple of weeks later and was for a writing project about Latina artists creating work in Chicago. In this interview I shared how I ended up on an artistic path, on this quest to becoming an artist. It really helped me to look again at all the work I have been doing and how far I’ve come from first being inspired by a Latina artist to hopefully becoming an inspiring Latina artist myself. I mentioned the dolls and what I came to realize as I continued to work on them. My thoughts about how we give dolls to our young girls and what are the important messages we really want to give them. As well as how we can give dolls to women of all ages to pass on hope, love and light especially in this current political climate.

I can’t believe another year is coming to a close. So grateful for all the projects that came through the studio this year. Especially those that cross your path quite accidentally, impacting your work in such a meaningful way and helping you grow as an artist. My story is in my work. I am a storyteller. One of many stories, one like many stories. My work is of joy, sadness, resilience. Being able to really speak and share my story has helped give me more direction in the type of work I want to create moving forward.

In the new year I hope to: Post on here more often. Make a new zine. Make new paintings. Start an Etsy shop or other. Go out and just observe and pick up my camera again. Make time to care for self better.

Hope, love and light in the New Year friends.

Muñecas de Luz (Dolls of Light) by Naomi Martinez
Mini Plush Cats by Naomi Martinez
Muñecas de Luz (Dolls of Light) by Naomi Martinez


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