It was nice weather for a few days but today we saw flurries again and brrrrrrrrrr….some chillies too. lol. Below is a pic of a commission I just finished. Someone approached me about making a painting with his daughter as a Monstrochika. I thought it was a neat idea and what you see here is what I came up with. I had just added the frame to it. This is the first Monstrochika with a braid in her hair! I also really loved how the paint color on the frame came out.

I also want to post a pic here of my mom’s amazing work. I definitely get my crafty/artsy side from her. She sews, crochets and makes jewelry when she can find the time. She is a busy mom and grandma! I’ve invited her to the upcoming El Stitch y Bitch Beginner’s Meeting. More on that real soon. Here is a pot holder set she just surprised me with! Thanks Mom! Continue reading “Thawed.”