Kick Off Summer @ "All of Me" Body Positivity Art Show & Zine Release Party!

It looks like summer may finally be settling in for its stay in Chi-Town! There are some all women artist mural productions planned this month that I am so excited to contribute to! Back in 2007 I was lucky to road-trip out with friends to paint at my first B-Girl Be Summit at Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. This weekend is their 10 year reunion exhibition! My proposal was accepted last month and I worked really hard pouring my heart into my piece for this show which opens June 11 and runs thru August 22, 2015. So happy and proud of the work Intermedia Arts continues to do!

Space & Time B-Girl Be

This Friday another little milestone for me as an artist. Last year I had a crazy little idea that I finally decided to share with others. Slowly but surely it has blossomed into a beautiful collaboration amongst some of the coolest and talented women artists I am lucky to know in my city. We will celebrate the release of our 2nd issue of MUTANTES! Art Zine this Friday, June 12th! Art, grooves and great people will gather. The “All of Me” Body Positivity and Zine Release Party will kick off the summer arts events for us here in Chi-Town.

All of Me Art Show - Naomi Martinez
Image By: Naomi Martinez –

Following will be Expo Collective’s first Quetzal Art Fest on Saturday, June 13th. I will be holding a plush doll workshop at noon that day and the fun will continue with live painting along side some of Pilsen neighborhood’s brilliant artists!

See you there friends!

Quetzal Art Fest

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