Welcome to Amigurumi World!

Some years ago I had learned some basic crochet stitches but didn’t know how to read patterns so I gave up pretty easily. I had always heard of the cute amigurumi creations through the crafting community and last year I stumbled upon this excellent book. I later added it to my Christmas wish list – Thanks Mom!

Let me just say, if you enjoy crocheting or are just learning then I recommend you get this book! Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli is absolutely wonderful for the experienced or novice crocheter! The first several pages in this book are all you will need to make such super cute little creations as the one I just completed above. The stitches are clearly illustrated and include patterns not only of cuddly animals but of veggies, cupcakes, and cacti oh my! The sizes vary and since I do have some time constraints the smaller amigurumi projects work out so perfectly. So far I’ve made a bunny with a complete outfit of skirt, hat and scarf – ooh la la! The latte coffee cup I’ve posted here and currently working on a cute red cat!