Monstrochika Solo Show Closes & Chicago Zine Fest

Hello again! I’ve been meaning to post the latest but as we all artists know, sometimes projects and deadlines can come so close and almost collide! The solo exhibition was a great success thanks to Leticia at Reciclarte Studio and my friends and family that came out to support! Thank you!

Naomi Martinz Leticia Rodarte 2015
Me and Leticia Rodarte of Reciclarte Studio, Chicago, IL


Chicago Zine Fest came overnight it seems after that! The entire month of April was spent finalizing a personal story and putting my zine GODZILLA GRRRL together for release at the fest. This first volume includes my story from scrappy teen tagger through today painting graffiti murals with my girls in Chicago. If you are in the Chicago area, you can purchase at Pilsen Out Post and Quimby’s Bookstore. You can also email me directly for a copy. $6.00 USD + shipping.

Godzilla Grrrl Zine - Naomi Martinez
Godzilla Grrrl Zine #1, May 2015


I had such a great time attending interesting panels and meeting some pretty awesome zinesters. CZF was overall a very welcoming and highly inspirational experience! I hope to return next year.

Chicago Zine Fest 2015 - Naomi Martinez
My table at Chicago Zine Fest 2015


In May I received some pretty great news. The proposal I submitted to exhibit at the 10 year reunion of the B-Girl Be Summit in Minneapolis was accepted! If you have read Godzilla Grrrl you know things just keep coming full circle. Art is life! So the month of May was dedicated to the completion of that proposal project. Details and pictures in my next post!

Love and art.


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