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Chika A Day: DAY 21

I just woke up and realized I didn’t post this.

I got so busy working on an art piece earlier that I totally forgot. So sorry peoples!

As you can see I’m having other issues as well…

Ok. Luke is telling me to go back to bed. Cry baby.

Good night.

Chika A Day: DAY 20

You’re just walking along and….

I’m going to be busy finishing up pieces for the upcoming Pilsen Open Studios. I am so very excited to be sharing in a space with so many other talented peoples. More to come soon.

Pretty day out today. Enjoy 🙂

Chika A Day: DAY 19

Dinner with my friend Diana tonight. On my way back home I sketched tonight’s doodle.

Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli Lolli Lollipop…

Chika A Day: DAY 18

Artist. Revolutionary. Woman.

Chika A Day: DAY 17

Thank you everyone for your help and participation at the Plush Workshop today!

Chika A Day: DAY 16


Chika A Day: DAY 15

Sorry, I really tried to get this in before midnight! Was a bit busy this week.

I am so happy to have so much inspiration and creative people in my life.

Was feelin’ a bit pudged out today…

Don’t forget this weekend is the Little Village Arts Festival. There will be free art exhibitions, performances and workshops! More info at:

Here is the info for my Plush Toy Art Workshop:

Some very sweeeet news yesterday! El Stitch y Bitch is on the cover of Cafe Magazine! Get your copy and check out the article. More here:

Please also lookie here for an awesome art and animation collaboration by two very talented friends of mine. Just lovely…

Featherhead by Kelly Pelka and Mindy Fisher

Our buddy Brandon Garrison is also part of an awesome Monsters vs. Robots show tomorrow at OHNODOOM! Gallery in Wicker Park. More here:

Have a great weekend!

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