The Artist Life for Me

This weekend is the 12th Annual Pilsen Open Studios and there is much art to see and events to check out. My very first art exhibition was during Pilsen Open Studios in 2005!

Oct. 18th (12-9pm) & Oct. 19th (12-6pm): Mujeres Mutantes will be at Sip n’ Splash and are #17 on the map!  We are exhibiting work that includes paintings, mosaic, mixed media art, and jewelry. 


Mutantes Zine (Vol. 1) will be available for $5.00 and will fund future zines and public art projects by Mujeres Mutantes.


Splash Wall 2014, Little Village, Chicago, Illinois


Top left to right: Zena, Phina, Bel2, Stef. Bottom: Monstrochika, Beloved



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