My sincerest apologies to all the followers of this project. Although I have failed and as Chika A Day nears its end (this Sunday) I will take this moment to reflect upon what I have learned through the project.

1. It is important to draw everyday for an artist, and especially in my case, spending most of the day in an office without artist minded people, it is essential to the survival of this artist.

2. This has also been a great exercise and practice for me in drawing my caricatures’ facial expressions, and their various bodies and poses. It has also finally moved me to begin a comic series that has been put off for way too long.

3. Finally and through this unfortunate missed day I’ve also learned that sometimes it is not possible to DO IT ALL. Not even for a Monstrochika!

Besides being an artist, I am an eldest daughter, sister, Auntie, wife, dog owner, in-law to a large familia, friend, volunteer, full-time employee, sailor in training, domestic diva, woman. Oh, I also bathe, eat and sleep. So thanks to all who support me and all my crazy goings ons!

Ok peoples. Don’t forget to come and see us all for the Annual Pilsen Open Studios this Saturday & Sunday from 12 pm to 8 pm. We are at Cobalt Studio #7 on the map. This is the best and only opportunity for you to see the works of Pilsen artists at their studios and/or their very home! WOAH! I will also have my new comic series available to all. So don’t miss it! A very special thanks to Adi & Toni for opening their space to all of us 🙂

More at:

So again….

Love you all 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:


    hilarious. ;’p You’re so sweet. They’re all great drawings!

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