Happy 2012!

A front window display I was hired to set up for local toy store that just opened in the Wicker Park neighborhood. It was so fun and really got me in the holiday spirit!

Another holiday project I finally took on was in regards to a co-worker and friend. A globe trotting attorney that is ever so dramatic and animated in all that he does, had been asking me for a crochet critter for some time now. So I finally made him a little critter that I think suited him perfectly!

At the time when temps first plunged I was walking to work and through my full hat and scarf wrapped head, I peeped a cute Monstrochika type girl walking ahead of me. She wore a mustard colored hat and red eye glasses and was lugging a  retro turquoise and olive green flower patterned suitcase. I loved her bright colors that stood out in the current gloom of the city.

I decided to draw her Monstrochika style:

I also recently picked up a cool little book that is helping me explore several watercolor techniques. I can’t wait to dive into all the neat projects it contains.

Lastly, I had some time to watch a few movies the several days I had off for holiday. I fell in love with these two foreign films. I highly recommend them 🙂

Heartbeats – French – Superb. Xavier Dolan is so beautiful.
Nights of Cabiria – Italian – Giulietta Masina is wonderful!

Until next time…

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