Pilsen Open Studios @ Cobalt Studio

Hello again everyone!

What a lovely time we had at the grand studio warming/open studios event at
Cobalt Studio!

Adriana Baltazar’s beautiful hanging paper flowers. Print-outs, cut-outs, postcards, photos, covered the walls of Adriana’s work area and hover above small works in progress and various work materials. You also find an installation piece which is a miniature model of her Abuelita’s home in Pilsen.

Towards the middle of the studio people are crowded around players of a fooseball table game. The fooseball table is covered in the artwork of Juan Compean on the U.S. immigration issue. The player pieces are works of art, molds made for each piece and painted with the “players” on both sides. Some that I recall on the US side were a border patrol agent, a rockero with a mohawk, and a blood spattered butcher representing immigrant meat packing plant workers.

Across from the fooseball game is a lounge area where people sit relaxing and chatting on a big comfy brown couch. Towards this back area is where Antonio Martinez’s work area is located. Small to large works on canvas and wood grace the walls. His paintings include such figures as the late Carlos Cortez, Padre Jesus, masked luchadores, hand tools and his recurrent mighty hands which he says stem from his experience working with his hands as a plumber by trade.

My first comic “The Brown Bag Lunch Hour”

Thank you Cobalt Studio!


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