Was away awhile but website is updated and I am back.

Good things continue to happen in the Monstrochika world. Making and sharing art, learning, growing, evolving.

For the past year and a half all my energy went into painting outside. With the help of my fellow artist community, I have been able to add 6 new mural works to my portfolio. As a strong supporter of public art I am so grateful for these opportunities.

So many beautiful collaborations and shows have also happened. One of my fave shows of 2013 was Fun-A-Day Chicago where artists picked a project to do for 30 days and exhibited together at Threadless store.

The Sketchbook Project 2013 traveled around with a Monstrochika sketchbook and you can find it at the Brooklyn Art Library in NYC or by clicking here.

By far the biggest most exciting step for me in the last year has been that of Teaching Artist for Elevarte Community Studio. The opportunity arose and I dove in and I am so glad that I did. It has been fun and challenging and so fulfilling. Elevarte interviewed me here before the adventure began.

February 2014, I spent 10 days along the Cali coast, San Diego, Los Angeles and my favorite Venice Beach. While I was out there I painted my first baby room mural! I also painted at the famous Venice Beach graffiti walls. It was my third visit to Venice Beach and I finally felt ready to do it. You can find a pic of me at the Venice wall in this article so wonderfully written by Michelle Argento for

Currently I am heading the Mujeres Mutantes Collective zine project which will include artwork by various Chicago women artists. A new call to submit for the next volume is coming soon. Funds will go towards future zines and public art projects.

I now have easier access to my site and will be posting on the regular. W and I both worked on this but he worked the hardest. He is behind the Monstrochika scenes and my greatest friend and support and I can’t thank him enough!

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