Hello again! Wow, lots happening and coming up in Chicago parts. It makes me happy to hear about fellow artists and friends coming into their own and continuing to make things happen!

The sequential art show was lovely and I was excited to see all the other comic art. It’s inspiring to see the many different ways to tell your story pictorally and sometimes with no words at all.

The first Pilsen coaster show was a success and everyone contributed such original pieces. It was fun to see what everyone came up with and the coaster trades among the artists was a hit! Here is one of my coasters. I made a set of monster kids on their picture day.

Another show that I was invited to participate in was the “Fresh Paint” show at Cobalt Studio. However, I became so busy that I could not announce it here on time. It was a beautiful night and a nice turn out.

Here I am next to my most recent or “freshest” painting. A piece by Statik is behind me.

Some of that busy-ness included a little road trip with friends for the 4th of July weekend to Detroit/Ann Arbor/St. Joseph. One of the highlights being the Detroit Industry mural by Diego Rivera at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

And…A couple of nights ago I was invited to be a guest on the Front Street show hosted by Sara McCool. Her show streams live for an hour of discussion on different topics with local artists, activists, etc.

Our topic was “Graffiti-ing. What’s it all about?” and it was myself, local graffiti artists Rome, and the anonymous Ghetto P. I think I did okay despite stumbling on my thoughts sometimes. To me it’s a little nerve-racking to put yourself out there live and on camera forever on the world wide web. Lol.

An advertisement for a home loan below us. Awesome.

Follow this link to see the show

So I’d like to use this entry to say that after seeing the show I thought it was a good show but we might have focused a little too much on illegal graffiti or “bombing”. I did throw in some thoughts on street art at one point and had Basquiat, Blek Le Rat, Lady Pink, Faith 47 on my mind to bring up but wow that hour just flew by. I also realized in my camera shock I only mentioned one mural and NONE of my projects or what I actually do and have done! Geez. But not to worry because Sara saved the day and put my website up and there is a link to my blog on there.

I would also like to add here that you don’t have to bomb and you don’t have to be in a crew. That you can be skillful and do it safely and be successful by what you’re saying to the people and even make a little money. Thats what I care most about – the message and being an inspiration to the young people.

Oh also – a correction, I don’t know why I said yes but I have not been paid for any of the mural art I have done so far. It is absolutely possible in the future but it will always be my gift to the people. Cheers to Sara & Front Street!

Last but not least – come out this Saturday to support the 1 year Anniversary of Cobalt Studio Block Party. I am so proud of those cats! Toni & Adi 🙂 There will be much fun to be had!

Image by Adriana Baltazar

@ Cobalt Studio
21st & Damen to Wolcott
12-6 pm BBQ, games, face painting, knitting, arts/goods trade & sale
Raffle & prizes!
Bring the little ones 🙂

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